Phone Call Tracking

What is phone call tracking and how does it work?

At Doctors Internet, we feel that it is important to know definitively how our marketing is working for you and your practice. With our call tracking service, we can quantify your website’s performance by tracing patient phone calls and determining where the call originated from. We will assign your website with a unique tracking phone number that allows us to measure, and review all phone calls that originate from the website. Any and all incoming calls will be routed from the tracking number to your office’s normal phone line, resulting in a seamless experience for you and your office staff.

Our phone call tracking service allows you to monitor call traffic from your website in several different ways. First, you will be able to view every phone call that your practice receives online. You will receive a notification for each and every phone call your practice receives with crucial information such as the caller’s number, location, length of call, source, and most importantly extension. With our call tracking service, patients are greeted with a brief automated message when they call the tracking number asking them to select from two different extensions. The first extension is strictly for new patients, while the second is for existing. What this does is allow you to not just see how many phone calls you are getting through the website, but also how many new patients your website and online presence are bringing into the practice.

In addition to vast amount of information our tracking service provides to Doctors, it also serves another important function. Each and every call your practice receives will be recorded and stored for 30 days. This allows Doctors to go back and listen to any patient call within the last month at any time. You are able to return missed calls, review conversations with patients, or even monitor your office staff to make sure that each and every patient is being handled with care and consideration. With our phone call tracking, Doctors can finally see exactly how our services are bringing local patients to their practice.

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